30th October 2018 Blog

| Sheep of the month: Balwen |

Why choose... The Balwen breed

BREED CATEGORY: Naturally Coloured

HANDLE: Soft/Harsh (dependent on breeding quality)

COLOUR: Black/Grey


FLEECE WEIGHT: 1.25kg - 1.75kg

The Balwen breed was developed in Wales. They are hardy, small sheep with a dark grey or black fleece, and a white stripe down their face. They are still common in Wales, and their fleece is used in traditional Welsh crafts such as woven textiles and tweed.

The woolist Top finds Balwen Wool finds

Black Bat Balwen wool, from £6.50/50g

DOUBLE KNITTING 100% Balwen Wool.  Grown In Yorkshire. Spun In Yorkshire, Approx 125yds / 115mts. Very Dark With A Hint Of Brown. Suitable For Outerwear & Home Furnishings. Hand Wash before Wearing

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