16th November 2018 Blog

//Sheep spotting\\

Favourite weekend activity (apart from catching up on sleep) ... sheep spotting! We are really lucky to live on the Border of Lancashire and Greater Manchester, which means we are in easy reach of loads of beautiful countryside. However a couple of weeks ago we ventured further afield, and went on a short trip to the Lakes ... look what beauties I found there (along with some very nice tasting gin!)

On the Itinerary

// 1. The Wool Clip \\  If you haven't visited already...go now! 

'The Wool Clip is an award-winning co-operative made up of local wool workers. We formed The Wool Clip in 2001 and today we have 15 members who run the thriving Wool Clip shop in Caldbeck. There's always a member of the co-operative in the shop, we enjoy meeting visitors and other wool craft enthusiasts'

- The WoolClip, 2018

// 2. Rheged Centre \\ They have a wool shop that sells locally crafted wool products, as well as a great cafe and food shop!

// 3. The Lakes Distillery \\  Gin, Whisky and Vodka made in the Lakes...take a tour, have a taste in the shop or have lunch at their Bistro.

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