These kits contains all you need to explore the characteristics, history, and tactility of a specific British sheep breed of your choice.

Included in the kit:

* 1x breed book (blank for you to fill with samples)

* 1x A5 fact card

* 1x A5 'your journey with the fibre' card

* 2x 50g hank of yarn

* 3x yarn label (so you can add them to your projects)

All come gift wrapped in a handmade calico drawstring bag.

***Add in an A3 poster for half price***

***Add in a set of 4.5mm reclaimed knitting needles***

This product is out of stock but may come back in stock. Let us keep you updated

About the Breed kit

100% made in the UK

This breed kit comes gift wrapped in a handmade calico bag, perfect to treat yourself or a friend to.


We have compiled all our breed products to compliment each other, so they make the perfect stand alone gift, or collect them all to make the ultimate British breed library.

Read about the history and uses of the sheep breeds and their fibres, then use the yarns to experiment yourself.

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